Finding the Best Carpets to Hide Footprints & Stains

Carpet Samples

Carpet can bring a comfortable and elegant look to your home, but it can also trap dirt and unsightly stains. No matter how diligent your cleaning regimen, every household will inevitably acquire footpaths, and it doesn’t take long for these paths to expose the dirt and debris that make up our routines. There are, however, many ways to combat the natural wear and tear that occur on your home’s carpet.

Carpet SamplesThe Dirt and Debris Our Routines Acquire

As long as you remain active in your home, dirt and grime will inevitably make its way into your carpeting. There is a wide array of stain-resistant carpets available on the market today. Many synthetic blends, including nylon, polyester, acrylic, and polypropylene, are specially engineered to withstand the constant wear and tear in these high-traffic areas. Synthetic blends are also typically designed to combat stain absorption.

Work with Your Local Retailer

Darker carpets obviously hide stains better than lighter carpets, but may not be ideal for every room in your house. Most of your local carpet or rug sellers likely offer services to help you coordinate color schemes and other design features. Your local carpet dealer should be able to help navigate you towards the perfect color, texture, and style to match your lifestyle.

While higher-quality carpet may be more expensive on the front end, you will likely save money in the long run by reducing the frequency with which you need to replace your carpeting. Investing in the higher-quality carpet will also ensure that your carpet does not become quickly worn down in high-traffic areas.

Walking barefoot on your carpet should not only feel good, but should also help cut down on tracked dirt from shoes and unintentional wear. Thicker carpets can trap and hold dirt, and should be regularly cleaned to keep the dirt from becoming deeply imbedded in the carpet.