Best Kitchen Floors For Your Home

Choosing A Hardwood Kitchen Floor

Not every flooring material is suitable for the demands of the kitchen where traffic is consistent, spills are common and the floor requires regular cleaning.

What’s the best flooring for a kitchen?

Let’s get right to it.


The Best Kitchen Floor Materials

Here are the top options with the reasons they are worth considering for your Vancouver, WA area home. Each of these flooring types are available in an attractive range of colors and styles to fit your home’s design and décor.


Porcelain and Ceramic Tile are Durable and Diverse

These materials are very durable, impervious to moisture and resistant to staining. Pet owners love tile! Cleanup is very easy too, and that makes it a popular selection for those who cook and entertain frequently. You have an excellent selection of in-stock and special order tiles from which to choose, and certified slip-resistant tile is available. Tile floors are hard, but placing an area rug at kitchen work stations relieves foot and back stress from standing on it for long periods of time.


Stone Tile offers Premium Beauty

There isn’t a more luxurious kitchen flooring option than natural stone tile. It is a top choice for those building their dream home and planning to stay put for years to come. Stone is very durable, resisting scratches and chips. The key to stone tile is making sure it is properly sealed, and when this is achieved, it resists staining and requires little ongoing maintenance.


Hardwood Flooring Suits Any Style

This timeless choice for kitchens is available in solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring to meet your installation requirements. Various plank widths, finishes and colors can be combined to produce just the look you want, from traditional to modern and every style in between. The harder wood types are very resistant to scratches and dents. If you select hardwood flooring, you should avoid the steam cleaners that are popular for hard floors, instead using just a lightly damp mop or cloth for cleaning up sticky messes.


Laminate Flooring is Attractive and Affordable

When you want hardwood’s handsome good looks but prefer a less expensive kitchen floor, laminate is a durable, high-quality choice. It offers low maintenance and cleans up easily, though steam and excessive water use should be avoided. The one major drawback comparing laminate to hardwood is that laminate cannot be refinished.


What’s the Best Kitchen Flooring for You?

Now that you know the top kitchen floor types, it’s time to narrow your choice to the one that fits your home, your family and your lifestyle. We’re here to help! Call today or come by our showroom. It will be our privilege to discuss your options and assist you in selecting kitchen flooring that provides beauty and performance you’ll love.

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