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Tile and stone are versatile flooring, able to look great within a variety of your home's rooms. When seeking tile or stone for installation you are able to select flooring color, pattern and even arrangement. Adding elegance, modernity or even a rustic appeal to any indoor or outdoor space of your house, tile and stone offer many options for the flooring of your dreams. Installation of tile and stone are fast and affordable, with a wide variety of looks suited to your interior and budget. Whether your aesthetic is modern, refined, sleek or traditional, our selection of floor tiles provide many possibilities. Quality Tile Flooring Selection for Guaranteed Satisfaction Flooring is an investment into the future of your home. You should ensure you are completely confident in your tile or stone choice. At Carpet City of Vancouver, we know that a variety of available tiles and vast array of designs are important to homeowners seeking to select their tile flooring. Stone, Glass or Marble Tiles From Carpet City Whatever type of tile you seek - such as ceramic, porcelain, or other materials - we offer an extensive collection of floor tiles. From your first moments browsing, to after installation is finished, you can count on us for [...]
Looking for laminate floors to complement your home décor? Your journey starts at Carpet City of Vancouver! We offer a broad selection of laminate wood flooring that's both visually appealing and highly functional. Laminate offers the durability and multidimensional textures you want to elevate the elegance of your residential haven. Appealing Laminate Floor Planks & Tiles Whether you prefer a modern or classic look, we carry laminate flooring to perfectly suit your tastes. One of our highly trained associates helps you select laminate floor tiles that make your flooring visions come to life! Tell us about your lifestyle and design preferences and we show you our variety of laminate floors. Laminate Flooring Benefits The stunning design you choose now has the lasting power to withstand heavy foot traffic and daily use. Laminate flooring is engineered in 4 layers to provide homeowners with the dependability and aesthetics they seek. Each layer plays a pivotal role in protecting the integrity of your floors! The Carpet City Difference What distinguishes Carpet City of Vancouver from other flooring stores? We offer clients an impressive selection of laminate in a broad spectrum of hue [...]
You can add beauty, warmth and a feeling of welcome to any room in your home with hardwood floors from Carpet City. The versatility of hardwood makes it one of the most durable, attractive, and easy to clean flooring options on the market today. Your home will thank you for the noticeable boost to its aesthetic appeal delivered by hardwood floors, and your body will thank you for cutting away the workload associated with maintaining carpet and vinyl flooring. Hardwood floors are a great option no matter how you look at it. Any Room Can Benefit From Hardwood Floors Wood floors come in a variety of classic yet timeless designs that need very little upkeep and never lose their fashion-ability. Elegance and class can be achieved in any room within your home with the addition of a beautiful hardwood floor from Carpet City. No matter your preference for style or design you'll be sure to an amazing floor for your particular space. Hardwood Options From Carpet City Carpet City is proud to provide an excellent selection of hardwood flooring options that include a plethora of colors, styles, and species. Engineered or solid hardwood floors, Brazilian cherry, oak, and many others are available through our impressive inventory in sever [...]

Vancouver, Washington gets approximately 45 inches of rain every year. This is significantly more than the US average of 39 inches of rain a year. When in an area with more rain than usual, you want to protect your home. And the floors in your home. Water damage can be devastating to floors, so be prepared before disaster strikes and use flooring options known to withstand rainy situations. However, if you choose an option traditionally subject to water damage, prepare yourself before you pay a lot of money in replacements.

General Rules for Flooring in Wet Areas

Living in a rainy area, your home should be ready for unexpected flooding. The bathrooms and basement require the most attention because these areas have the greatest potential for water damage.

In general, there are rules about what materials can withstand rain and which ones can’t. Organic materials and carpet usually have a little more difficulty in this [...]

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